What to Expect at Holiday World and Splashin Safari Theme Park

If you have never heard of Santa Claus, Indiana, you might assume it is a town where it is Christmas all year long. And while that is somewhat true with all of its Santa themed museums and shops, you should know that there is another part of Santa Claus, Indiana that is a summer hot spot.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Theme Park is in Santa Claus, Indiana, and it offers far more than just Santa statues and Christmas Trees to gaze at!

About Holiday World and Spashin’ Safari

Characters at Holiday World

Holiday World is no newbie to family fun. It originally opened in 1946 offering Americans one of the first theme parks in the country. It boasts the two rollercoasters, The Raven and The Legend, both of which have been voted as some of the best rollercoasters in the world. Aside from these rides, the parks are also equipped with dozens of kiddie rides, thrill rides, carnival games, a lazy river, water slides, splash pads, jungle gyms, and so much more. The park rates their rides as “child” to “mild” to “wild” as far as thrill level, so you can choose your rides accordingly.

Navigating Holiday World

In Holiday World’s themed sections you will find no shortage of fun. These sections include Thanksgiving, 4th Of July, Christmas, and Halloween. Each section has rides and games based on the theme of that section. Walking through you will feel like each holiday is being celebrated, with everything being themed from the décor to the music being played. Live shows and acts, musical numbers, and character performances are performed in each section at no additional charge and are arranged to suit the theme of the area as well.

Free Sunscreen and Soft Drinks at Holiday World

Free Sunscreen at Holiday World

One of the first things you may notice upon entering is the cleanliness of the park. The employees at Holiday World and Splashin Safari strive at keeping the park sparkling and welcoming. You will notice very pleasant demeanors in all the employees in the way they interact with guests and see to their happiness and comfort. Guest comfort is a high priority at the park, and you can tell by the offering of free soft drinks and sunscreen. You will find these free soft drink and sunscreen stations all over the park, allowing you to help yourself as needed. There is also an abundance of clean restrooms, making it easy to access them no matter where you are and avoid any long lines.

Fantastic Food at Holiday World

Gluten Free Options at Holiday World

You have many dining options when it comes to eating at Holiday World and Splashin Safari. You can enjoy gluten free options and options for those with dietary needs. You can enjoy traditional fair food like cotton candy and funnel cakes. A rare treat found at Holiday World and Splashin Safari is the ever famous Dole Whip, a pineapple ice cream treat not served in many other parks. Along with your Dole Whip, you can enjoy burgers, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, corn dogs, and numerous other treats to fuel you through your day. Should you want a sweet treat, head to Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen where taffy, fudge, and sweet beverages are waiting for you!

Take a break while in the park

If you are ready for a break there are plenty of areas to rest areas, benches, stores to browse, pavilions to relax under, or shows to enjoy in the shade. You are also free to get your hand stamped and leave the park if you wish to leave and rest and return later. This is a wonderful option for families with young children to have.

You will find that Holiday World and Splashin Safari is an ideal getaway for families with children. The accommodations the park offers help families feel truly comfortable and welcome.

Splashin’ Safari

Splashin' Safari

Once you have done all there is to enjoy at Holiday World, you can simply walk over to Splashin’ Safari which is connected to the park. Here you will find the lazy river, numerous water slides, a splash pad, and other water-themed attractions. There are several play areas for the kids here so if your child isn’t a fan of pools, the splash pads/splash grounds may be more ideal. You will still find all the sunscreen, beverage, and dining options in this section of the park, as well as free flotation vests for younger children.

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