A Stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

My family and I were fortunate enough to stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort on our most recent trip to Walt Disney world. If you followed along with our trip last year you’ll remember that we stayed at the Grand Floridian and left feeling underwhelmed by the property.

This was not the case with the Beach Club. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the property.

The Rooms at the Beach Club

A room at Disney's Beach Club

The rooms at the Beach Club are a casual formal, is that even a thing?

I dare say the rooms are as nice as the rooms at the Grand Floridian without the formality.

Our room faced a garden area and had a small, very small balcony. The bathroom is set up in such a way that the vanity is separate from the shower and toilet area. Which is nice for a family (or anyone) traveling together, because it allows for lots of things to be happening at once.

Best pool on Disney Property

The pool at Disney's Beach Club

If you dig hard enough, chances are you’d find a message board or a Disney lovers thread about the best pools on Disney property, and I’d dare wager that you’d find Beach Club’s pool at the top of that list.

The pool is complete with a pirate ship slide, a lazy river, and my favorite feature, a sandy bottom area.

If your kiddos aren’t strong swimmers (like my kids) but want to be in the water, you will be rejoicing that this is a feature. The sand is built up in such a way that the depth goes from just ankle deep to 3 feet deep.

My kids loved being able to dig in the sand and having a bit more freedom and we loved not having to be on top of them the entire time they were in the pool.

Plus, it is just a pretty pool!

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