When there is a serious medical emergency, we call the paramedics. It, in fact, should be a spontaneous move you would make. The paramedics would do everything possible to bring the victim back to a certain level of stability before rushing them to the hospital. As much as they are highly trained professionals, a very serious emergency can sometimes be extremely challenging to for them to deal with and even figure things out. Sometimes, a physical injury could be a tad bit clearer situation to deal with than a case where a person suddenly collapsed owing to a seemingly inexplicable cause. In such cases, the first thing they would do is try and ‘revive’ the person before taking further steps.

Heart Rates & Rhythms

In a case where the heart function of an unconscious person seems to decline, the paramedics would use an electronic device like a defibrillator to pass an electric shock and restore the rhythmic patterns of the heart. This is a device that becomes required in severe cases and sometimes injuries from a major accident. A defibrillator requires fully charged power to work properly, and so you would need to use good-quality defibrillator batteries and have them fully recharged if required, in order to make sure it works excellently during an urgent need. Batteries for medical apparatuses are often designed to last very long, and the best-quality ones wouldn’t need any replacement for as long as a couple of years, depending on usage, of course.


Sometimes a person with a history of lung complications can be affected by a sudden and severe asthmatic attack, bad enough to make them collapse and unconscious. Asthmas could be very serious at times and affect each individual differently, depending on their gender, age, and general physical condition. A nebulizer is often used in prolonged treatment, and also in medical emergencies to provide ease and restore normal breathing. Often, types of liquid medication or solutions are used in these nebulizers to transform them into mist and reach the system through inhalation. This method may be used when the patient is either not physically stable or fit enough to use simple inhalers, or for children who are too young to understand the usage of a regular inhaler.

Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.

Internal Functions

A stethoscope is a simpler apparatus that is used to listen to internal sounds in the body, particularly the heart, lungs, and parts of the stomach. It is a device that could tell the doctor certain basic things about a patient’s condition upon determining the sound patterns of these organs. Irregular or abnormal sounds and rhythms could suggest possible conditions. If the patient is unconscious, it could be used to tell if the heart still functions or not, thereby determining life and death.

External physical injuries are sometimes, and not always, less tricky to deal with in terms of deciding and implementing treatment processes. But, when the problem lies internally, the paramedics would need to use their expertise to try out various measures to re-stabilize the person, and then rush him/her to the hospital where the doctors might need to examine, assess, and test in order to diagnose and start treatment.