Office events can be a bit of a bore sometimes. You’ll be stuck with the same people you see in the office every day, making the same old, stale conversation. Most people go for the food, and the rest go for the booze. But if you want to make your office party truly memorable, think about introducing some great entertainment. This is something everyone can enjoy and talk about for years to come. Here are some ideas that’ll be sure to add a much-needed spark to your event.

Creative Food and Drink Stations

Everyone enjoys a good buffet for sure. But if you hire a caterer who serves up the same menu every time you have an office event, things are going to get a bit dull. Instead, why not liven up your food and drink stations by making them more interactive? Not only will this get your guests talking, they’ll also have plenty of fun while serving themselves. For example, you could think about installing a customizable cocktail bar, where people can mix their own cocktails. And for dessert, you could have a chocolate fountain or a mountain of macaroons that will wow your guests. The ideas are endless.

Games and Contests

Why not have your guests participate in some healthy competition at an office event? Contests and games needn’t necessarily be enjoyed just by children. Adults can have fun with them too. Not only will contests serve as an icebreaker between people from different departments, they can also help release all the pent-up stress and frustration employees deal with on a daily basis! So whether it is a team activity or something else, come up with games that will lift everyone’s spirits. You could think about things like a scavenger hunt, a quiz or even a game of charades. Don’t forget to include prizes for the winners as well.

Magicians and Comedians

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Thanks to their popularity at kids’ birthday parties, magicians have now become professional entertainers and can be found performing at quite a number of adult events too. Putting on magic shows could be the high point of the night due to the amazing performances they’re known for. Comedians are an equally great idea and they’ll have your guests tearing up with laughter and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Make sure the jokes aren’t too offensive though, or it could actually ruin the whole mood of your party.


A good way to introduce some humour to your event would be to hire a caricaturist. Your guests would definitely love a funny caricature of their colleagues or even boss to take home with them! These days like everyone else, caricaturists too are in touch with the latest tech. So many use tablets to create their art. And once they’re done drawing, you could use a projector to screen their art, so everyone can admire them. However, if you prefer the old-fashioned approach you could ask them to use pencil and paper and give away their drawings to the guests.

So next time you organise an office party, don’t forget to have some great entertainment that will keep your guests happy.