Just moved into your new place? Do you feel like there is so much to do? Or is your head full of decorating ideas that you don’t know what to choose? Never worry. Here are some of the ideas for you to follow.

Take Your Time

You might be all excited about your new place and feel like you need to start decorating right on but try to avoid this. There are many things to consider before you start the process. You might need to clean the house first. Get the ideas of other family members. What would your spouse like for the living room? What colours would your kids love on their wall? Make a list of items you need. If you need extra help hire an interior decorator.


The very first thing to consider is, what colours will you have decorating your walls? The latest design in mixing colour for the interior of a house is the usage of light colours. This can add a very sophisticated look to your place. You can however opt for bolder colours when decorating a kids’ room or a kitchen. You might also need a pro if you need to paint the whole house. A good painter Brisbane is not hard to find, and it is better to get professional help to paint the house.


Use large furniture or more furniture in a large room to cover the space. Reduce the space taken by furniture in smaller rooms. Take a shopping trip to furniture stores and look for quality items. Check things like the strength of the frame, the resistance of the fabrics to stains or whether they are comfortable or not. A new look for furniture arrangement is to mix the old and the new. You might not like this idea but it gives you the chance to both use the newly bought furniture and also to keep any family heirlooms close to you. Try it out and see. Maybe you will love the idea!


There are few things to consider when buying curtains to a place. Measure your windows first and note down the measurements. Look for materials that will match the other colours in the room. Also consider their thickness and the design. Have thinner materials on places where you want more sunlight and use decorated, heavy drapes in places like bedrooms where you don’t want sheer curtains. If you are using a patterned curtain to decorate the place, make sure they match the patterns and texture that you might have used in your flooring, furniture and walls.


The first thing to consider when decorating the floors is the family background. If there are toddlers in the family or any asthmatic patient the best option is a carpeted floor. Carpets will be a safe place for toddlers to play around and will purify the air of any dust particles. If you don’t have to worry about those facts you can get a tiled floor or if you want to be more trendy, a wooden floor. Just like in selecting curtains, make sure these designs will match the other colours and the patterns around the house too.

There will be plenty of other small things to consider such as the lighting, decorating accessories such as wall hangers etc. But after carefully completing the above four areas you will easily be able to decide and match these items without much worry.