Organizing a party for a couple about to get married is a great way of introducing families and friends to each other and getting to know one another. This way, it is easier to get a good start ahead for the wedding planning too. Most often this type of a party is called an engagement party and it is usually taken about six months to one year ahead of the wedding. How would you organize such a party? There are many factors that you must look into when organizing a party of this scale. Read on to find some basic steps that can help you ease from some of the stress with planning ahead.

Determine the Ideal Location

Locations differ largely according to the couple so it is important to know what their preferences are. If the event is casual with a few family and friends, you can check the neighbourhood restaurants as a possible choice of venue. If you want to choose a more picturesque setting, then a place such as waterfront engagement venue docklands are perfect. They offer a great setting for guests to enjoy a breathtaking view while sipping some cocktails and mingling with the crowd. The more formal locations would be reception or banquet halls, the food and drinks which are usually done through in-house catering services will have to be arranged through the hotel. Consider your own home too as this would be the most budget-friendly option but most of all it creates an intimate setting for the couple.

Setting the Budget

Like organizing any other event, determining the budget is important if you want the event to go smoothly. It will help you decide what you can afford and what unnecessary expenditure to turn your heads away from. With a wedding to plan ahead, it is important to keep the party simple and elegant. Furthermore, the number of guests you invite can be planned according to the budget allocated. This in turn will help in deciding the space of the location.

Décor and Finding the Right Style

At an event such as this, it would be thoughtful to have it themed as per the couple’s choice. The themes can be based on the type of floral arrangements or the colour of the table linen you choose to have or even ocean themed or vintage inspired. Make sure to coordinate the style of the party with the location as this will set the tone for the event and make it look grand and organized. Regardless, it is advisable for the organizers and the couple to visit the location and check on how exactly the styling and décor can be manoeuvred in to the space.

Food and Beverages

Most hotels and locations accommodate food and drinks and cater to these needs through various menu options. If this is not possible, make sure that they allow third-party caterers to arrange for food. Some venues may not allow alcohol for example, so be wary of certain restrictions as you confirm bookings. The food for the event can be picked depending on the style of the party. If you the couple opts for light food then, evening canapés and cocktails would be ideal, however if it is more formal then a full-course dinner meal needs to be set up.