What to Expect at Holiday World and Splashin Safari Theme Park

If you have never heard of Santa Claus, Indiana, you might assume it is a town where it is Christmas all year long. And while that is somewhat true with all of its Santa themed museums and shops, you should know that there is another part of Santa Claus, Indiana that is a summer hot spot.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Theme Park is in Santa Claus, Indiana, and it offers far more than just Santa statues and Christmas Trees to gaze at!

About Holiday World and Spashin’ Safari

Characters at Holiday World

Holiday World is no newbie to family fun. It originally opened in 1946 offering Americans one of the first theme parks in the country. It boasts the two rollercoasters, The Raven and The Legend, both of which have been voted as some of the best rollercoasters in the world. Aside from these rides, the parks are also equipped with dozens of kiddie rides, thrill rides, carnival games, a lazy river, water slides, splash pads, jungle gyms, and so much more. The park rates their rides as “child” to “mild” to “wild” as far as thrill level, so you can choose your rides accordingly.

Navigating Holiday World

In Holiday World’s themed sections you will find no shortage of fun. These sections include Thanksgiving, 4th Of July, Christmas, and Halloween. Each section has rides and games based on the theme of that section. Walking through you will feel like each holiday is being celebrated, with everything being themed from the décor to the music being played. Live shows and acts, musical numbers, and character performances are performed in each section at no additional charge and are arranged to suit the theme of the area as well.

Free Sunscreen and Soft Drinks at Holiday World

Free Sunscreen at Holiday World

One of the first things you may notice upon entering is the cleanliness of the park. The employees at Holiday World and Splashin Safari strive at keeping the park sparkling and welcoming. You will notice very pleasant demeanors in all the employees in the way they interact with guests and see to their happiness and comfort. Guest comfort is a high priority at the park, and you can tell by the offering of free soft drinks and sunscreen. You will find these free soft drink and sunscreen stations all over the park, allowing you to help yourself as needed. There is also an abundance of clean restrooms, making it easy to access them no matter where you are and avoid any long lines.

Fantastic Food at Holiday World

Gluten Free Options at Holiday World

You have many dining options when it comes to eating at Holiday World and Splashin Safari. You can enjoy gluten free options and options for those with dietary needs. You can enjoy traditional fair food like cotton candy and funnel cakes. A rare treat found at Holiday World and Splashin Safari is the ever famous Dole Whip, a pineapple ice cream treat not served in many other parks. Along with your Dole Whip, you can enjoy burgers, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, corn dogs, and numerous other treats to fuel you through your day. Should you want a sweet treat, head to Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen where taffy, fudge, and sweet beverages are waiting for you!

Take a break while in the park

If you are ready for a break there are plenty of areas to rest areas, benches, stores to browse, pavilions to relax under, or shows to enjoy in the shade. You are also free to get your hand stamped and leave the park if you wish to leave and rest and return later. This is a wonderful option for families with young children to have.

You will find that Holiday World and Splashin Safari is an ideal getaway for families with children. The accommodations the park offers help families feel truly comfortable and welcome.

Splashin’ Safari

Splashin' Safari

Once you have done all there is to enjoy at Holiday World, you can simply walk over to Splashin’ Safari which is connected to the park. Here you will find the lazy river, numerous water slides, a splash pad, and other water-themed attractions. There are several play areas for the kids here so if your child isn’t a fan of pools, the splash pads/splash grounds may be more ideal. You will still find all the sunscreen, beverage, and dining options in this section of the park, as well as free flotation vests for younger children.


6 Kid Friendly Attractions in St. Augustine

 I don’t care if you are 82 or 6, you are going to enjoy this museum if you like learning about pirates.They have a variety of real artifacts, some of which include pottery and sword handles that been dug up in St. Augustine, a real treasure chest, one of the few remaining genuine Jolly Rogers, and treasure from around the world. The museum also boasts a plethora of interactive exhibits, which include two computerize areas focusing on famous pirates and their lives or areas of the world that had pirate activity. Other exhibits were more physical and interactive, some that were a hit with us were:

  1. The Scavenger Hunt. When you start the museum, they give you a paper to do a scavenger hunt! As you go throughout the museum, you look for drawers with skull and crossbones and after collecting the list, you turn in your filled our treasure map for treasure (“the treasure” is a plastic jewel, but it’s still fun)! The kids adored this and it really gets them looking throughout the museum.
  2. Lift a real gold bar and musket. Dad thought this was the coolest thing. The gold bar is in an enclosed box and you get to lift it through this claw contraction. We were so surprised by the weight. The same with the musket rifle, it’s a lot heavier than it looks!
  3. Learn about the different types of knots. In a replica ship, you have an area about knot tying. So test your skill and see how many ship knots can you tie!
  4. Guess the smells. There are boxes where you sniff and guess what the smell is such as leather or fruit. The kids thought these were fun to guess.

This museum was a good price of only around $15 for adults and it’s worth the time and the money. It was engaging and entertaining for everyone, we loved it!


Sea Serpent Tours

  • Sea Serpent Tours – This was by far one of my favorite activities in St. Augustine. Their website (http://seaserpenttours.com/) is wonderfully mobile friendly – you can book a tour right from your phone! I especially liked that I could even choose my date and time based on which tour I wanted to take.

    Now, it can be confusing to get there. It is tempting to turn right too early to go to the boat ramp, but you need to go down the road a little further. There’s a small sign for Sea Serpent Tours on the big sign, so it will be easy to spot once you get there. When you get to the park, you will see how beautiful the area is! There are quite a few picnic tables for a picnic before or after the airboat ride, which I wish we did.

    Sea Serpent Tours has a tiny house where you sign the paperwork, enjoy the local views, and wait for the air boat. The air boat seats 6 – plenty of room for our family of four. The seats are also padded bench seating and we were thankful that we didn’t feel squashed.

    The airboat captain completely made the trip. He was nice, funny, knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful! He had a wide variety of facts to give us and was wonderful about slowing down and letting us take in the unique wildlife when we saw something.

    Bonus Tips:
    1. Be sure to wear sunscreen. You are out on a boat for two hours, so you will want that extra protection.
    2. Make sure your hat can strap on. The airboat goes fast during some parts and you will want to hang onto your hat tight! If you are worried about little hands losing their hats, then you might want to invest in some hats that strap under the chin.
    3. Bring water bottles. You will get thirsty, so bring a few water bottles for the family. If you get hungry, you are allowed to eat little snacks as well.
    4. Don’t forget a tip. You want to show some gratitude for a good job, right?

    We started the trip with comfortable headsets that gave us a safety briefing and stories about local legends. We drove around the area then went through the river. The captain told us about the local plant and animal life, which sounds boring for kids but it was certainly far from that. He was so entertaining and it makes it all the better that we were lucky to see a lot of the local natives.

    The captain told us about the history of the area and cool facts about everything from the trees to the alligators. Now, because it’s wildlife, you never know what you might or might not see. However, we got to see a baby ‘gator, a large alligator, different types of fish, and a huge manatee! We were especially excited about seeing the manatee feed on the greenery.

    We cruised around and took in the beautiful sights. If you enjoy taking photos, then this is the place to do it. The stories and ghostly tales were also a bit of fun to provide some extra adventure for the kids.

    I would highly recommend this new but absolutely delightful tour!

  • Marineland Dolphin Adventure–  Although it’s a little bit of a drive away from St. Augustine, it is well worth the trip. Especially if you are looking for some dolphin fun. If you haven’t been there in years, it has definitely changed! And you need to go back.

    They are a field site for the preservation and protection of marine life. They have interactive educational tours that teach you about the location (historically the location was for innovative underwater filming for the movie industry) and all of the marine life that they study and assist there.

    Don’t worry, you will definitely see dolphins and learn interesting facts about dolphins, whales, fish, and much more along the way! Did you know that starfish are actually called sea stars? It’s because they aren’t fish at all.

    If you want to spend the extra money, you can even get in the water with the dolphins for a bit, which is an awesome experience I did when I was little; however, we did not do it this trip.

    If you want to learn about the area and marine life, but especially want to be inspired by the awesome creatures that live in the ocean, then you need to plan a trip to Marineland.


Alligator Farm

  • St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park – Technically this is on Anastasia Island, but it’s a short drive away. Also, be sure to pick up one of the coupon pamphlets around town, usually they have a few bucks off. Bonus!

    If you love zoos, then this is the place to go. Obviously, they focus on all types of alligators. We got to learn interesting facts while actually getting to see the astounding variety of alligators and crocodiles, as well as monkeys, birds, snakes, and other creatures.

    The guys were thrilled to pet a baby gator, watch the monkeys swing from the trees, and then watch as the giant alligators lazed about in the hot summer sun. However, their favorite part was watching the biggest gators in the park get fed. Be sure to mark your watches because those are only at certain times of the day; despite the limited viewing, it is quite a sight to see!

    If you or any loved ones are fans of zoos or alligators, then this is the place to go!

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum – There are two nice things about going to this museum.
    1. You get to see all the crazy exhibits which without a doubt are interesting and entertaining.
    2. You get prime parking.

    Ripley’s Museum is located within a short walking distance of downtown St. Augustine. If you buy a ticket to the museum and put it on the dash of your car, you get to park there for free for the rest of the day. This is especially nice since parking can get expensive fast downtown. Also, here’s another place to get that coupon book for since sometimes Ripley’s will offer a few bucks off their ticket prices.

    If you have never been to a Ripley’s Museum, then you’re in for a fun time. The whole point of this museum is to have wacky, fun, astounding, and interesting exhibits, artifacts, art, and information. You will see everything from a moving replica of a two story erector set Ferris wheel and candy art of famous celebrities to exquisitely ornate ivory sculptures and pictures and stories of the largest man that’s lived.

    Come to expect the unexpected. It is a museum, but kids love the variety and crazy things being shown.

  • Project Swing Playground – This is not a museum, a zoo, or the beach (which their beaches are great for playing and for long walks here), but it’s a playground close to the downtown’s main parking garage.

    It sounds silly to mention a playground, but this one has much, much more than the typical swings and slides. The Project Swing Playground is a 23,000 square foot playground which offers a unique wooden play space complete with tubes, towers, a fort, a space shuttle, and a lighthouse.

    This was newly built when I was growing out of the playground phase, but let’s just say I wish I was a kid again. They’ve kept up this playground pretty well and it is a favorite for kids. It’s almost a reprieve between all of the tours and museums and is a nice stop to let the kids just play. However, it’s still a playground that brings that special fun that you expect when you are in the vacation bubble.

    It’s free to go to, so just check it out. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to really play and explore. There’s too much to do for just 15-30 minutes!

    St. Augustine has plenty to do for all ages, from the food scene to the historic forts, it’s a place to keep coming back to every year and you’ll still be finding more to do. We had a fantastic trip and look forward to exploring more in the future!

    Do you have some favorite attractions in St. Augustine? Tell us about them in the comments below.


Rawah Guest Ranch from the eyes of an 8 year old

If you don’t like really windy roads and if you worry about driving off the side of the road you might not like the car ride to Rawah. Sometimes your ears will pop when you get higher up. If you need to kill some time on the way to Rawah there is a carousel and places to get your fishing license on your way there.  Rawah is at a really high altitude.

The Dogs at Rawah

What an 8 year old thought of Rawah Guest Ranch

I really liked the dogs. The dogs live at Rawah and one of them named Loki will chase a stick all day. There is a dog named Bear and he will stare at the creek and jump in it. There was a dog named Maverick and he’s pretty chill. There is a dog named Goose, he’s kind of wild. Maverick tried to catch a Marmot when we were over by the chicken coop.

Horse Riding

Trail Ride at Rawah Ranch

There is a lot to do at Rawah. You can go horseback riding, they have trail rides for experienced riders and arena rides for those who are just getting started riding. My horse’s name was Juan, for the time that you are at the ranch you get the same horse the whole time. Marcus and Maggie are the head wranglers, but I went on rides with Sawyer and Sarah and Eliza. It is a lot of fun to watch the Wranglers let the horses out at night and bring them in from the pasture in the morning. You can tell the guides how long you want your ride to be. (Mom edit: the maximum length is 2 hours) There are some really cool trails to go horse riding on, I even saw a moose when we were riding.

Shooting at Rawah

You can go shooting, I shot a shotgun and a .22, I even hit the target with the .22! Joe helped me learn to shoot, he helped me learn how to hold the gun and he showed me a few stances. When my dad was shooting clay pigeons I got to launch them. They only do shooting in the morning because people are sometimes taking a nap in the afternoon. They have archery but we didn’t have time to do that.

The Food at Rawah

They have really really really really good food. I tried food that I had never tried before like lamb chops, a steak sandwich, a bratwurst. The chicken fried chicken was really good, it was my favorite meal. Every Friday they do a cowboy breakfast, you get to ride your horse across the river to where they have breakfast set up. I was sad that I didn’t get to do the cowboy breakfast because we had to leave.

In-Cabin Activities

At the beginning of your stay, a box of activities are brought to your room and you can play with them in your room while you are staying at Rawah. Just make sure to bring some crayons, some of the activity books we could have colored in but we didn’t have any crayons. We played Scrabble and a really fun game called Beat The Parents.

The Game Room

There is a game room that you can go to. You can play pool, you can play shuffleboard, you can do foosball and they had darts. Every Wednesday you can go and watch a movie. The movie was the only time that I watch TV while we were there. They have no Wi-Fi or cell service, it makes me feel good that they don’t have these things because people can’t just play on their electronics the whole time. I liked that my dad didn’t play on his phone the whole time, he does that a lot.

Kids Club

Tim and Meg are the managers of the ranch. They made me feel so good. Tim took us on some really fun adventures! We got to learn how to make a lean-to, we made moccasins and we learned that Rawah means “meeting area.” Tim took us pond fishing and my brother caught a really big rainbow trout and none of the fish boys had caught a fish in that pond yet. Tim let us collect some of the eggs from the chicken coop in the morning and we got to feed them. We fed them some dried up worms. Goose (the dog) ate some of the chicken food!


We got to go fly fishing and I caught two fish! They didn’t have waders that fit me, so I stood on the bank of the river. There was a really big fish in front of me and he was asleep and I scared him away and didn’t get to catch him. Fly Fishing is different because you use a fly instead of normal bait. All of the big fish were across the river but, with the fly fishing rod, you can reach further. In the pond, my brother just tried to get over the weeds.

Life at the Lodge

On Thursday nights they have a cowboy that comes to sing. He lives nearby. Inside of the lodge, you can play games there and you can even take them back to your room. In the activity box, you will have some games too. My mom read a book while we were there and left it on the bookshelf for someone else to read. We did a puzzle together as a family in the lodge.

The Cabins

They have really nice cabins. The cabins are sometimes connected and some aren’t (Mom Edit: none are connected to the main lodge but some are set up duplex style, so there might be another family on the other side of the wall). You can get coffee (and hot chocolate!) brought to your room before breakfast, but we always were up so early that we had coffee and hot chocolate in the lodge. There is a cabin called Cowboys and Indians where you can sometimes see wildlife from the back porch like moose and deer.


The Michigan Science Center

The Michigan Science Center opened in December of 2012 and occupies the sprawling campus of the former Detroit Science Center. The museum features live stage shows, an IMAX® Dome Theatre, Planetarium, 250+ hands-on exhibits, lab activities, special exhibits and more. There is so much to see and explore; you could easily make an entire day of the science center. Exhibits exploring health, physical science, space, engineering and much more fill the three-story space.

Visiting the Michigan Science Center

The entrance to the museum showcases an impressive 1000 foot Erector Set replica of the Mackinac Bridge containing over 15,000 pieces. Much of the main-level is dedicated to various exhibits featuring engineering, health & wellness, and Detroit’s signature auto-industry. One of the most notable and enjoyable things about the museum was, that nearly everything is hands-on. Kids learn by doing and this place had plenty to offer; a giant suspension bridge, interactive factory with machines to play with, MRI machine, and US steel funhouse. I’ll hear the occasional gripe from my youngest, who is 6, that museums are boring because there is too much to read. Well, I’m happy to report that this was not the case at Mi-Sci. All of the exhibits are accompanied by brightly-colored comic-book style informational guides that even the most reluctant reader will enjoy. Brevity is key with so much to do and see.

Michigan Science Center

We were welcomed to the basement of the center by a friendly-staff with a live Boa Constrictor draped around his shoulders; kids took turns petting the live snake. I did not. The basement of the center hosts a Creation Kitchen where kids can host their very own experiments and tinker with their own inventions. Motion, Waves, Lazers and Space galleries fill the basement level. The highlight of kids’ trip involved the space exhibit where they took turns testing Newton’s Third Law of Motion sending pressurized bottle rockets to the ceiling above.

Michigan Science Center

Unfortunately for us, our timing prevented us from catching the IMAX show and had I known they had a full café on the main floor, we would have skipped the pre-museum fast food lunch. We clocked in a full day at just over 4 hours. A relaxing, educational, fun-filled day for the whole family. I would definitely recommend you and your family stop by if you’re visiting the Motor City.

Tell us: Have you visited before?

the Michigan Science Center



As the release of Spider-Man Homecoming comes closer, I finally have the go ahead to share more with you from our set visit. Even then, I have to tread lightly since our visit was loaded with spoilers that I’m not allowed to leak yet. Patience, patience. It’s all coming in due time. 😉 That’s why you shouldn’t worry about that any updates or trailers will ruin the fun for you — Marvel and Sony are keeping a tight reign on the best parts!

After arriving at the studio, we went into the “war room.” Concept art from the entire film, scene by scene, lined the walls. These included set ideas, talents, costume designs, and more. Co-Producer Eric Hauserman Carroll walked us through everything. And I do mean EVERYthing! His enthusiasm for the film was oozing over.

A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Captain America: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging super hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.

Spider-Man Homecoming w/ Eric Hauserman Carroll — Story & Characters

The first few minutes of the movie introduces viewers to the villain, Vulture, before he went bad. Adrian Toomes runs a salvage company. Following the events of the first Avengers movie, he desperately did what he could to get contracts to clean up these sites. But, when a new government agency swoops in and takes over, Toomes goes over the edge.

This is literally a guy who picks up the scraps left behind from super villain battles, takes that tech, and repurposes it and profits off it. In an interesting way, he’s kind of the dark mirror of Tony Stark.

Cookies & Clogs | Exclusive interview with Co-Producer Eric Hauserman Carroll and insider info of Spider-Man Homecoming movie from Marvel and Sony. Michael Keaton as Vulture.

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick; COPYRIGHT: ©2017 CTMG, Inc. All rights reserved.

The actor who plays the main character is Tom Holland (my interview with him is coming soon). He blew his audition out of the water when he offered to do a backflip on the spot. The crew already liked him but the backflips sealed the deal.

Aunt May is played by Marisa Tomei as a re-envisioned version of the character. Believe it or not, the movie has scenes of her actually leaving the house and having a life!

Their relationship is a huge part of the comics but, at the same time, it’s never really explained why Aunt May is twice the age of his parents. So, we decided to go with the literal translation that this is his father’s sister and she is roughly the age his parents would be.

Jacob Batalon portrays Ned Leeds. Ned is Peter’s good friend, almost like a sidekick, who he’s known since they were young. When filmmakers looked back at some of the other movies, he never had any real friends. (Harry doesn’t count since he was bad almost right away.) In a school full of smart, nerdy kids, these guys are “nerdier.”

While Carroll said it wasn’t intentional, I love the fact that the cast is so diverse. They also purposely casted a young group of actors so, if they do two more movies, they can use the same people. The idea is that each movie will take place during a year of high school. In Spider-Man Homecoming, Peter is a sophomore.

Cookies & Clogs | Exclusive interview with Co-Producer Eric Hauserman Carroll and insider info of Spider-Man Homecoming movie from Marvel and Sony. Tom Holland as Spiderman.

Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick; COPYRIGHT: © 2016 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.

Spider-Man Homecoming w/ Eric Hauserman Carroll — Becoming a Hero

When people think of Spider-Man, they think of the web-slinger who swings off skyscrapers through New York. But, like most people, Peter Parker starts off with a rational fear of heights. It’s pretty scary when you’re 40 stories off the ground with nothing between you and that drop.

One of the stories we’re trying to tell is that he’s going to have to work up to being a world-class superhero. So, in this movie, we never really see him more than 4-6 stories off the ground because he’s still growing into this sort of role.

When asked about Spider-Man’s origins, Carroll mentioned that they will acknowledge it but won’t rehash that story. One of the mission statements for this film was to make a really different kind of Spider-Man movie. It’s more about modernizing the story and putting a twist on it to make it fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re making the first Peter Parker movie. It’s not the sixth Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man will still be the same fun and chatty character that fans know and love, though. As we saw in Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man will continue to be in awe of the science behind his enemies’ weapons. Also, well-known talents were brought in to help keep the comedic tone just right. These include Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Vacation movie) and Chris McKenna and Erik Somers (Community and other television comedies).

We sought out people to help us to make sure he had a fun, funny voice and it stayed light.

Spider-Man Homecoming w/ Eric Hauserman Carroll — On Set During Filming

After blowing our minds with Spider-Man Homecoming goodness. We jumped onto a couple of golf carts to visit the set. Filming was actually taking place while we were there. So, a monitor and some headsets were brought out so we could watch. If you look at the featured photo at the top of this post, you can also see the school lockers used in the film!

They were filming the part when Ned finds out about Peter being Spider-Man (as shown in the first official trailer). The scene went through several retakes and bloopers. It was so fun to watch it all happening live and unedited. We even saw the hair and makeup artists going in between scenes to freshen up the actors. Oh, it wasn’t too bad meeting the Director, Jon Watts, while on set either. 😀



It was so easy to talk with my daughter when she was younger. In fact, it was harder to not talk with her. There were times when she would go on and on about anything and everything. Things changed once she became a teenager. She didn’t want to open up as much and I had to be mindful of when and how I approached her. Raising a teenager is definitely an ongoing task. But, I have found that having some sort of common ground helps tremendously.

Opening Communication with Your Teenager

By having things that we can both relate to, conversation can become more natural and engaging. Instead of a battle of wills, it becomes a safe environment to bond and chat casually. Finding subjects that both parents and teens relate to can be a challenge though. The two-decade age gap causes us to have different interests and tastes. Fortunately, we found a few shows that we both enjoy watching together. How does that help? Check out this video Netflix put together about how some series can get families talking.

Finding Common Ground

When we sit down to watch movies or television shows with Munchkin, we have something to talk about. Even if it’s about how awesomely corny The Flash is, why A Series of Unfortunate Events is so addicting, or repeatedly mimicking antics from The Minions, watching these together can break the ice. It allows us to talk without tension or anyone being “right.” Once the lines of communication are established, we can keep it going and discuss deeper issues when necessary.

Cookies & Clogs | It can be tough finding common ground to better communicate with your teenager. One idea is to watch the same shows together and have something you can both relate to talk about.

It’s so much harder to be a teenager now than it was when we were younger. The pressures they deal with on a daily basis are intense and, many times, are more serious than we can even imagine. That’s why it is more important than ever to get those conversations started now! We need to help our teenagers feel comfortable enough to talk with us, even if it’s about sensitive subjects. Only then can we offer advice in making good decisions and support them when it gets tough.




Everyone needs a break once in awhile. That’s especially true if you are a mom. For the past 15+ years, I have heard the constant onslaught of “Mama!” every single day from my daughter. If she’s not vying for my attention, she’s in my face or over my shoulder trying to see what I’m doing. And, since I have homeschooled her this whole time, this is happening 24/7 and 365 days out of the year. It’s crazy! No wonder I try to get some Mom Sneak streaming tv time in. With Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 today, August 4th, I’m already plotting when I’ll “disappear” the next few days.

The Need to Mom Sneak

It’s not that the shows I want to watch are inappropriate for Munchkin to see. Afterall, she’s 16 years old and I tend to like lighter stuff anyway. Sometimes I just want some private “me-time” to decompress with my favorite series. Or, I want to watch a romantic comedy, musical, older series, or anime without the peanut gallery commentary from my daughter or husband. You know what I mean?

Apparently, I’m not alone in this. Netflix put together an infographic of how personal streaming time can help moms recharge. I definitely relate to the four most popular benefits listed.

Netflix Mom Sneak Streaming TV Time Infographic

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 Out August 4th

As mentioned above, I’m pretty excited about Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 being released today, August 4th. There are seven new episodes. These will cover what happens after Zarkon’s defeat and Shiro’s disappearance last season. A new power rises in the form of Prince Lotor, Zarkon’s son. With the team down a pilot and unable to form Voltron, they’ll have to work harder than ever to defend against the reinvigorated Galra Empire.

Netflix Original Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3

Netflix Original Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3

But, since Munchkin enjoys the series too, she’s intent on watching the new season with me. I asked her if she was actually interested in seeing this next installment of Voltron. If not, then I could “sneak” away to see it. Yeah, it seems that won’t be happening. This was her response.

If you watch it by yourself, I will find you… I will pounce on you… And I will watch it with you…
— Munchkin.

So there you have it. Now you know why I feel the need to watch shows secretly. If I don’t watch in bed, while cooking, or on the toilet, I will have a pair of prying eyes keeping me from actually enjoying the downtime. Maybe she’ll let me watch EmmaSeventeen AgainQueen of Katwe, and Rogue One on my own…

Are there shows that you enjoy which you’d rather watch sans kids?

Netflix Mom Sneak Streaming TV Time

I received a year subscription of Netflix and a device to stream the content as part of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are my own.